Pre & End
of Tenancy Cleaning

Quality property cleaning,
the way Landlords expect.

The scenario is all too familiar;
your tenants have vacated your
property leaving behind a disastrous
combination of mess and dirt that no one
wants to look at, let alone attempt to clean up.
To top it all off, your new tenants are slated to
move in in the coming few days blissfully unaware of
the utter destruction currently at hand in their supposedly
smart new home.
Enter Preclean, one phone call and a virtual army of cleaning
professionals armed with the latest products and equipment descend upon the property and within a couple of hours total transformation has occurred;
the now spotless property is waiting and ready for its new inhabitants.

The above scenario might be an extreme case, however, at Preclean we assign the exact same importance to any job however large or small. Using Preclean for your end of tenancy cleaning needs will take a huge weight off your shoulders as a landlord, knowing that your property will be cleaned and tidied to the highest standard.

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